Find Out San Francisco Victorian Houses History

Sep 7th

What characterizes san francisco victorian houses history? Know the architectural features and decorative details that have defined that era. The cities, towns and villages of the United Kingdom are made up of buildings that date from different architectural periods. On a walk through any town it is easy to find Edwardian, Georgian or Tudor-era houses, among others. Often, for the unaccustomed eye, it is not easy to distinguish one period from another.

A large part of these constructions adhere to san francisco victorian houses history architecture, perhaps the most typical. In this article we propose to take a look at the elements that distinguish Victorian houses from others, the history behind their architecture and the features that characterize their style. The Victorian era corresponds to the period in which Victoria reigned in the United Kingdom, from 1837 to 1901.

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After the Industrial Revolution, which began around 1760 and lasted until 1840, production methods and manufacturing processes changed radically.  People migrated en masse to the cities looking for work. “The explosion of the real estate market took place in the Victorian era. Then, the Government was forced to build san francisco victorian houses history en masse to provide accommodation for all workers, “says Hugo Tugman. For this reason, most of the houses in British cities are Victorian.