New Floor Plans with Mother in Law Suites

Sep 8th

Floor plans with mother in law suites – The new development of housing is called “suite for the mother-in-law”, which includes a section of the house with a separate room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom.  It is perfect for those who enter their 50s or 60s, explains the developer Emile Haddad. “The so-called ‘baby boomers’ are reaching an age when one of their parents has already passed away and many would like to have the other living with them, ‘but with independence’, instead of having to go to a home for elderly

A nationwide survey conducted by the floor plans with mother in law suites construction company PulteGroup reveals that a growing number of homeowners expect more members of their family to live with them, including different generations. This, in the opinion of Kristin Pasternak, of the construction firm, is “a cultural change” and even “a different attitude towards several generations of the family living together”.

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Even many families are already planning to renovate their floor plans with mother in law suites or buy a new one. Precisely, the economic situation of families is the main driver of change, says the professor of architecture and gerontology. Because from the crisis of 2008 many things changed, the houses “lost value, the families lost wealth and the idea of ​​imagining how to make better use of the space of their homes arose”.