Restore Old Homes with Wrap around Porches

Sep 9th

Old homes with wrap around porches can be turned into an untoward and insecure mess. Boards can cast, nails can be loosened and support for steps can break and break. While you can only hit the nail in place, this temporarily does not fix the issue or restore the stairs back to a safe state. All these problems can be remedied by simply replacing the wood and doing some minor repairs.


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Rip any old or rotten wood. Use a pry and place the end below the step between the supports. Pull upwards to loosen the board. Keep it old homes with wrap around porches until it comes up. Check the stair supports. If this wood has also been rotten, it will need to be replaced. If it’s simply old but still stuck, you can use the support. Cut the new boards to fit. Purchasing pressure impregnated wood from a lumber store. This type of wood will hold up to the elements and last much longer than untreated wood.

Use old boards as old homes with wrap around porches to measure the length and width. Use a circular saw and cut new wood to fit. Install the new staircase. Do not nail the stairs in; this will only lead to problems in the future. Use a wooden screw that is an inch longer than the thickness of the new boards. If the supports are placed underneath the step, insert the screws through boards, into the supports, using a screwdriver. If the supports are on the side of the step, insert the screw on the outside of the carrier and drive it through the edge of the stair card.